Thursday, June 25, 2009

And then some more!

I initially wanted the 'immersion' style but then we realized likot na si Sofie talaga.

I love this shot! The guests were afraid of the icing I guess coz we had about 15 left after the party! LOL!

Prizes for the games.

Kids lootbags.

For the Godparents, though some were not able to come (Your tumblers are still in our home, you're welcome to drop by hehehe...)

My beautiful daughter, I think we look alike here when I was a toddler too.

Some more pics (Random Order) !

Picking up candies that fell from the Pinata!

Mommy and Baby Sofie!

Another shot of the cake.

Food! Where's the soup?

Sofie's Christening and First Birthday!

To my Sofie,

This is mommy's birthday wish for you, not only today but for the rest of your birthdays... that you will grow up as a good person, strong and independent yet has faith that there is someone out there who is bigger and more powerful.

Mommy will always wish what is best for you and will give anything as long as I can. I will always be your biggest fan, in every milestone, in every achievement. I will always support you in any dreams you have. Mommy will always be here for you, ready to comfort you in times of trials.

Parents will always want what is best for their children. Mommy too, but more than that… . Beyond success in life, I will always wish you fulfilment and happiness!

I love you , anak!


Yay! Got the pictures from Focal Point. Thanks Chris, we love the shots! So let me share with you some pics taken during my daughter’s Christening and 1st birthday celebration last June 14, 2009. (I know it's like a teaser only teeheee! For sure my guests will want to see their pictures! More pics in FB or Picasa!)

Cupcake Tower by Iko's Bakeshop (Supplier of Shakey's Galleria)

DIY photocubes (Inspired by GT forum)

Edsa Shrine, San Lorenzo Chapel

Likot ni Sofie during the ceremony!

Our Little Princess... Forever!

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