Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another MAID BEWARE...Leyden Haberia Reyes

I thought she was the angel I have prayed for... until things started missing... and then yesterday I accidentally saw her diary, and to my surprise she had been stealing from us and she actually has a list (not all are shown). And some are really, really odd things, like tissue rolls, my old notebook, alarm clock, my tweezer, a copy of birth cerificate of Sofie!

I don't care if she is klepto.. I don't think I can sleep peacefully knowing I have someone in our house who is a thief!

This morning, after thoroughly checking (and discovering more things she has hidden) I paid the days she had worked for us and sent her away! I also gave her the things she stole (HELLO, TWEEZER??? COULD NOT BELIEVE SUCH PERSONAL THINGS PINAGKAKAINTERESAN PA!!!!)

Goodness, I'm the one who cooks na nga and all she has to do are the minor things, our washing machine is even automatic .. AS IN IHUHULOG NA LANG PAGKATAPOS ISASAMPAY NA LANG! She does not even take care of Sofie. And then she is like this! I don't need to pay 3k monthly plus free toiletries to someone who is just a pain in the ass!

And by the way she admitted that she has falsified her age, (only 17) even in her NBI clearance. She is connected with Leah Gonzales, whom she said was her aunt, and had encouraged her to invent stories just so they can both apply in the agency.

Again, she is the replacement of a replacement from Lerixx Manpower. I did not ask for a replacement anymore despite our contract because this had been costing us already (money-wise, and for God's sake MY SANITY!)

I am calling out to all agencies, future employers, please think twice if you see this person knocking at your door!

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