Thursday, December 30, 2010

My 2010 Reflections

Year 2010 had been quite a challenging year for our family.

We had lost a loved one…

We had to relocate unexpectedly…

Both situations caught us unprepared. There were moments that it had been difficult emotionally and financially.

It tested our strength, courage and faith –

.. as individuals

.. as partners

.. as a family

Even more we are grateful for these trying times because it had made us stronger and more resilient in life.

Thank you, Lord…

For giving us Mypee and Bantee, our guard dogs.

For mending broken relationships and reconnecting with family ties.

For new friends we have gained.

For my home based job (3 years and counting) that had given me the opportunity to take care of Sofie at the same time putting money on the table.

For giving me perseverance and determination to start my online business.

For family, friends, loved ones whom we may not be physically be with always due to distance or our working life style but had been helpful and supportive to us.

For Sofie, who can be a handful at times but my source of happiness and fulfillment. She is my ‘constant reminder’ to always move forward and go on.

For Spence, for being the understanding husband, who looks beyond our messy house that seems to be an organized chaos to us.

For life.. (I turned 30 this year.) Thank you!

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