Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reminiscing Mode

My mom and bro visited us yesterday and they brought some of my old stuff (HS to College Years) that I have left ever since I moved out from LP.

Some interesting finds:

My elementary and high school yearbooks. Sayang naiwan pa rin yung sa DLSU.

An unfinished cross stitch project.

A VHS tape of City of Angels. I wonder if I borrowed this from someone?

A manual of Spencer's gift to me from his first paycheck.

College course cards.

Photo negatives of High School memories.

Cassette tapes. Yeah, I love Shaggy!

NBS plastic, their old design.

This one tugged my heart. Photo album.

And the whole time I was tinkering and cleaning these things, KT was with me! So sweet!

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