Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy 5th Bday KT, My Furr-ever Love!

After 1 year and 1 month, I am reviving this blog. And it is such a purr-fect timing for KT's 5th birthday! Five years ago, I have declared Oct. 18, 2005 to be KT's birthday. KT was my husband's Xmas gift to me at that same year. And he had been with us ever since.

KT, my King Tabby, happy 5 "cat" years! That is equivalent to 37 human years (Baby, you are older than me now :P ). I know so much has changed now, our family has grown bigger. You now have Sofie too, who calls all cats "KT". I hope you are not jealous of Mypee and Bantee, having them does not mean I love you less. I do feel guilty at times that I cannot spend as much time and give you as much attention as I used to. But I hope that you feel that in my heart, my concern and love for you has never changed.

Maybe some people will find me weird for having such affection to a cat. I know only fellow pet lovers can understand such love....

A younger KT and a thinner Me, hehe!

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