Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Forever in my Heart...

KT (King Tabby)
Oct. 18, 2005 - Nov. 1, 2011

I am in deep pain and grieving... the hardest and most painful part is waking up and realizing you are not there anymore.

It pains me to open the door, knowing I will never see you again sleeping on my slippers.

It pains me to go downstairs, knowing you will never walk beside me again.

It pains me to see your bowls, realizing I will never see your face again, that intent look you always give me when you ask for food.

Not everybody would understand how much I love you, KT.

I had always fought for you - when you were a kitten and I was diagnosed with PLEVA, some people wanted you out of my life, saying you might be the cause of my sickness- but I kept you and in time my PLEVA just went away.

As we went along our family grew bigger…

we had Sofie,

we adopted Mypee and Bantee,

but never did I feel any jealousy from you, you welcomed them and loved them.

And as we go along, problems came, may it be financial or housework that piled up, the difficulty of juggling full time employment and domestic management without any outside help—these same people continuously tell me to give you up.. they are so heartless…

You were never a burden to me, and I kept you until your last breath.

You were my companion, most especially during the time we were not working homebased and Spence and I have different working schedules.

You gave me company, comfort and warmth. Whenever I feel alone, sad and stressed out.

You were my baby; I never treated you like a ‘cat’. I treated you and loved you like our first baby.

You are a part of our journey, as Spence and I were just starting as a family. You witnessed the joy, laughter, struggles and challenges…

You are a part of our lives. You are a part of my life, a part of me--- and now you are gone… I just feel so much pain, so much pain in my heart.


kitty925 said...

hi LA..how are you doing? just finished reading your blog about your pet cat KT..he's so adorable and soo cute..i know how it feels to lose someone dear to you and that's with your pet cat..that's exactly how we felt when our 2 cats died..one is chingching, a 5-year old local breed cat, and kotcha...now we're left without any pets to take care of, only growing rats...just to share with you, i was reading your blog to my sister, and she was so absorbed with the details and was just suprised to see her crying already, she remembered our pet cats who were very much close to her..in our family, she's the one who's like a mom to our pets, she bathes them, feeds them, talks to them, cuddles them...i also miss them so much, i just realize how important it is to have pets at home especially cats..they're like stress balls, just playing with them makes you stress free already...love them so much...LA,i just hope that eventually everything will be okay with you...wherever KT may be, his memories will always be there to remind you of the happy times you shared together...God bless you always and your family..

Lizette Ann dela Cruz-Chang said...

Hi kitty925,

Thank you so much, your message gave me comfort. I'm taking it day by day. I searched your nick (kitty925), wanted to send you an email sana. You addressed me as LA and wondered if you were my highschool friend. Please send my hugs to your sister as well and to you.. For Chingching and Kotcha, they must be playing with KT now... :)

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